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Welcome to Kaplan International!

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime while benefiting from Kaplan’s educational expertise. We have built on a history which goes back 75 years, but we are still constantly¬†introducing¬†innovations to improve our 19 English schools in the USA, ESL programs, and learning materials. When you decide to learn English with Kaplan International English, you can expect a cutting edge program and an enriching experience which extends beyond the classroom.

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  • Testimonials


    I came here only 3 months ago and now I am able to write, to understand almost everybody and I can speak better English. Even if it’s not easy every day, I am able to have a conversation and can express my opinion

    CHARLOTTE PETIT – Kaplan Westwood

    The teachers are very friendly, they understand that it’s difficult to learn a new language so it’s comfortable to talk and study with them. The method is amazing. It’s clear and serious but easy to understand.

    LAURA GOMEZ GONZALEZ – Kaplan San Diego

    I had an awesome experience here. The classes were enjoyable, sometimes really funny, with a good pace and always pushing me. The teacher really made the difference!


    Even if you’re studying, you don’t feel like you’re in a school. You’re learning without really thinking about it.

    CORALIE VAN DER WIELEN – Kaplan Berkeley

    My English has definitely improved. After studying in Kaplan, I don’t hesitate to speak English and I feel more comfortable.

    INGRID BELTRAN – Kaplan San Francisco

    The teachers are so nice, they talk to you slowly and they respond to everybody; it doesn’t matter what level you are. The staff are always interested in making everyone feel comfortable so they also plan so many great activities that you can do in your free time

    STEPHANIE TRANTOW – Kaplan Irvine

    The college campus allows me to meet American students in the cafeteria, dormitory, or in the gym so I can improve my English and have American friends.

    CHRISTIAN LY – Kaplan Los Angeles Whittier

    What I like the most is that we are not just learning English, we are also learning about American culture and the culture of various countries, because we are all from different places.

    ANGELA VILANOVA – Kaplan Seattle

    Santa Barbara isn’t too big, and we often go to the beach after school to play some beach volleyball. State Street is also good for shopping and there are a lot of restaurants and coffee shops.

    LAURA SPITZNAGEL – Kaplan Santa Barbara